Introducing YARN

Amnesty International Nigeria wants to support and empower young rights holders to have more leadership in advocating for their fundamental human rights. Our Digital Disruptors Project aims to do just that, by supporting young activists to design and deliver impactful campaigns.

Since May 2020, we have been working with YARN (Youth Advocating for Rights in Nigeria), which is a youth-led campaign, speaking up for freedom of expression in Nigeria. YARN envisions a Nigeria where anyone can voice their opinion without fear of criminalisation or repression.

YARN will do this by educating other young Nigerians about their rights and mobilizing them to take action.

Youth-led campaign?

The Digital Disruptors Project was designed by Amnesty International, in support of young activists who want to create a change in their society. The project has been successful in Sweden and Puerto Rico. In Nigeria, a team of vibrant young activists were chosen after a rigorous selection process, with thousands of young people applying.

YARN is a youth-led campaign. It is created, planned, implemented, and evaluated by young people. Although YARN has worked closely with Amnesty International, receiving training and guidance to make their campaign a reality, YARN’s campaign is independent from Amnesty International. YARN does not speak on behalf of Amnesty International and does not represent Amnesty International.

Support YARN!

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